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Makhaira Main Battle Walker (Digital Download)


Mounting a bristling array of lasers, this highly maneuverable walker excels at outflanking heavier opponents and delivering devastating strikes.


This .STL bundle comes with the following files:

Makhaira Torso

Makhaira Pelvis

Makhaira Upper Arm

Makhaira Lower Arm – Left

Makhaira Lower Arm – Right

Makhaira Arm – Closed

Makhaira Upper Leg

Makhaira Lower Leg

Makhaira Foot – Flat

Makhaira Foot – Clawed

Makhaira Foot – Scrunched

Makhaira Foot – Tiptoe


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These files are for personal, non-commercial use only.

If you experience any issues with these files, please contact us at Please note, however, that we cannot help you with printer operation or troubleshooting. 


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