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Falx Medium Support Tank

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Initially created as an inexpensive garrison support unit, the Falx Medium Support Tank featured many changes and upgrades before the final production models. Weighing in at 50 tons, this heavily-armored tank brings a variety of weapons to bear.

The 3-Series bundle comes with all the parts to make one of the following variants:

FX-MST-3S – Medium Cannon, 5-tube Missile Launcher (x2), 4-tube Rocket Pod

FX-MST-3A – Heavy Cannon, 4-tube Rocket Pod, Machine Gun

FX-MST-3P – Particle Cannon, 4-tube Rocket Pod (x2), Medium Laser

FX-MST-3L – Heavy Pulsing Laser, 4-tube Rocket Pod, 10-tube Missile Launcher

The 2-Series bundle comes with all the parts to make one of the following variants:

FX-MST-2A – Light Cannon (x3)

FX-MST-2G – Gauss Cannon, Machine Gun

FX-MST-2FS – 20-tube Missile Launcher, 15-tube Missile Launcher

FX-MST-2L – Medium Laser Cluster, 10-tube Missile Launcher


Looking to print your own? Get the files here!

This model comes unpainted and requires glue to assemble. Each bundle comes with one (1) tank hull, one (1) tank turret, two (2) tank treads, and an assortment of weapon pieces. This is a 3d printed product, and may have minor imperfections and visible layer lines due to printing and support removal.

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1 review for Falx Medium Support Tank

    Falx Medium Support Tank photo review
    Shawn Brooks (GreyWolf)
    October 12, 2020
    First let's get one very fine detail out of the way. This tank is BIG. But not so big it dwarfs your forces. It fits perfectly on a 40mm base, which I have done for reference. With that said let's get into the good stuff. This guy features two ports on the top rear of the turret for antenna mountin,. Targeting scopes, turret mounted missile launcher and a great big auto cannon. Who doesn't like a big auto cannon? Anyone? I didn't think so. For those wondering yes you can magnetize it. But you really dont need to with how snug the turret fits into the mount provided. The turret maintains 360 degree firing arc. So you can literally just turn the gun around and surprise the crap outta the guy trying to sneak up behind you. What you get, a main weapon, coaxial weapon, and hull weapon. Everything is supplied in pieces 7 in total I believe. The antenna you have to make yourself. I just bent a paper clip and snipped it off. You can easily get to every detail of this guy. Lots of deep recesses make washing and dry brushing a quick and easy step. All said and done this guy easily breaks the mold of traditional tanks. Easily 11 out of 10. Literally an absolute joy to build and paint.
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