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Falx Medium Support Tank (Digital Download)


Initially created as an inexpensive garrison support unit, the Falx Medium Support Tank featured many changes and upgrades before the final production models. Weighing in at 50 tons, this heavily-armored tank brings a variety of weapons to bear.

This .STL bundle comes with all the files to make the following variants:

FX-MST-3S – Medium Cannon, 5-tube Missile Launcher (x2), 4-tube Rocket Pod

FX-MST-3A – Heavy Cannon, 4-tube Rocket Pod, Machine Gun

FX-MST-3P – Particle Cannon, 4-tube Rocket Pod (x2), Medium Laser

FX-MST-3L – Heavy Pulsing Laser, 4-tube Rocket Pod, 10-tube Missile Launcher

FX-MST-2A – Light Cannon (x3)

FX-MST-2G – Gauss Cannon, Machine Gun

FX-MST-2FS – 20-tube Missile Launcher, 15-tube Missile Launcher

FX-MST-2L – Medium Laser Cluster, 10-tube Missile Launcher


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